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If you are using automation devices in your production line, Double Wire Tin-Tie® coils do the job.

We can pre-apply the adhesive with the special Clean Edge Technology®; thus the need for hot melt equipment  you don't hear. 

Or buy our Double Wire Tin-Tie® and apply the adhesive yourself. Available in standard and custom reel lengths, custom printing options, as well as plastic, plastic/paper paper or metal.

çift telli klips

Our Double Wire Clips   In the food packaging industry, as bread, confectionery, citrus, pasta, candles, decorations, mask wire  sectors where it is mainly used.

Standard Colors

White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Orange, Tan and Brown


1,828 mt - 2 coils of one color per box, 60 coils per pallet

600.60 mt - 5 coils of one color per box, 135 coils per pallet

minimum order

36 coils per color and 36 coil multiples

 Looking for a Custom Solution?  Write to us for special solutions.

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