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Nose Wire & Medical Product Solutions

Bedford Bendable Components® are versatile solutions for many applications, such as in the operating room or helping face masks retain their shape.

Trust our bendable wire to create high quality face masks or secure irregular shapes, such as irrigation pouches and medical drapes. Bedford nose wire can be custom fitted to your N95, KN95, disposable, and surgical face masks and run in your automated manufacturing line. Our products are ideal for sterile environments, and we also offer Berry Compliant nose wire should your face mask require it.

tek telli maske teli



Yüz maskesi teli-ayetiketambalaj

Face Mask Nose Wire

Our wide variety of integrated nose wire bends and forms to retain a comfortable fit. One and two wire options available.

sıvı toplama torbası teli-ayetiketambalaj

Irrigation Pouches

Easy-closing wire tie seals pouch against leakage.

Fluid Collection Pouches

likit torba teli-ayetiketambalaj

Bendable and formable for optimal collection

Specimen Bags

Numune alma torba teli-ayetiketambalaj

Shape top for opening/collecting and whirl to close without contamination.

Tıbbi Örtü teli-ayetiketambalaj

Medical Drapes

Bend, form, curve–create functionality around irregular shapes.

 Looking for a Custom Solution?  Write to us for special solutions.

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