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Bakery Ties & Closures

For years, bakeries have depended on Bedford Twist Tie® to meet consumer demands for product freshness and bag reclosability.

Our wire ties can be made with plastic, paper, or our most popular choice — a plastic/paper combination. From colors, patterns, shapes, and high-quality print — we have endless customizable options you can choose for your bakery closures.

Our signature Double Wire Tin-Tie® and Peel & Stick® ties have been trusted by name brands for decades to bring quality reclosability to flexible snack packaging, like donuts or other baked treats.

Whatever your preference, we’ll help you find a quality closure for your baked goods and snack packages.

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 Cut Tie

kesilmiş tek tel klips-ayetiketambalaj

Fully encased wire with our exclusive “flush-cut” ends make our tie safe, easy to handle, and rust resistant. Our stock cuts are ideal for small and independent bakers needing a reliable closure with customizable color, size, and length options.

Printed Tie

baskılı tel klips-ayetiketambalaj

Need more than a standard twist tie? Attract attention by creating a custom print or colorful, unique design. Or, coordinate your tie material to blend in with your package design.

Spooled Tie

otomatik makine tek tel klips-ayetiketambalaj

Bedford Twist Tie spools are ideal for use in your automated tying equipment. We offer a wide range of colors, custom printing, lengths, and spool sizes. Need application equipment too? We can help guide you in the right direction—from tabletop tyers to full-scale factory equipment.

Precision Wound® Tie


We pioneered the perfect spool. Our Precision Wound spooled tie makes high-speed automation effortless with longer runs, faster machine rates, and less downtime.

Double Wire Tin-Tie®

Peel & Stick® 

çift tel klips-ayetiketambalaj

Donuts, cookies, and other delicious baked treats—Bedford Double Wire Tin-Tie can close them all! Standard and custom spool lengths in plastic, plastic/paper, or metallic film, as well as custom printed options are available. Interested in high-speed automation? Ask us for a referral!

yapışkanlı çift telli klips-ayetiketambalaj

Peel & Stick functions like our Double Wire Tin-Tie but comes with pressure-sensitive adhesive! Our Clean Edge Technology® makes Peel & Stick easy to apply to plastic, paper, and PET bags by hand or machine. Choose from our many lengths, colors, and finishes to create a unique look. We also offer special color matching and custom printing!

 Looking for a Custom Solution?  Write to us for special solutions.

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